MCU IO control/5 button one to one specified file play Video decoding player

MCU IO control/5 button one to one specified file play Video decoding player

Model No.︰MPC-8205GZ

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 29.5 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The board has a unique escape mode of the Chamber of Secrets. Once the escape mode of the Chamber of Secrets is opened, it has the following exclusive functions:

OSD character hiding (you can turn on and off the OSD character function by entering the Setup setting interface)
Boot auto play (play the first video file by default)
Specifies that after playing, it will enter the black screen and wait for the SCM to issue a new instruction before playing
5 IO, functions are all controlled by MCU IO
There are 5 IO ports or 5 button, and the button trigger can realize one-to-one playback of 5 videos
Set up a busy playback state output IO (output low level during playback, output high level after playback, pause, black screen, standby, menu, Settings, etc.). With this state output, users can implement various devices requiring high and low levels to control
Close Chamber of Secrets escape mode, is the general player, features do not need to detail.

Playboard specifications:

1. Ultra-wide power input, DC DC6V-30V, current 1A-3A

2.VGA/CVBS synchronous output, can achieve dual screen display

3. The video format and resolution, code stream and other requirements supported by the board are as follows:

RMVB format supports 720P, stream 30fps

AVI, MPG, VOB, MP4, FLV, DAT formats support 576P, code stream 30FPS

720P --> (1280*720)

576P --> (720*576)

480P --> (720*480, 640*480)

The board does not support H.264 video format, the video resolution and stream must not exceed the above requirements!

4.USB/SD playback, up to 32G

5.15 One-on-one triggering function of segment keys and 32 control functions of single-chip microcomputer (choose one of two)

6. Remote control function

7. The first road 5V1A power output is reserved, which can be provided to all kinds of external equipment in need of power

8. Board size, 8.5x7cm

9. Delivery list: 1 playboard, 1 group of IO control lines, 1 remote controller, a total of 3 pieces.

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