Video interactive display case(MPC55K6)1080P

You only need to connect the TV LCD,LED  display screen,
Through our player port HDMI .AV.
Connect through the button or RS232 port of the interactive converter,
It can achieve interactive operation between the control board and the display screen.
The product is matched with a human body sensor,
For example, when a customer passes through the range of the player and automatically senses the specified media file to play, (the playback ends and automatically returns to the main page for play
Remind customers about the introduction and advantages of the product, and attract the selling points of the product.
Increase product sales.
The player can be connected to 6-unit self-recovery buttons(With indicator light) 
RS232 serial interface communications terminal program introduction

Serial interface communication protocol: Data Format: 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, no parity; baud rate: 9600bps   

Send (ASC)characters / data:@00:01$  =Command player 01 this folder play work。

 @00:pause$   =Command Media files pause work

 @00:vol+$   =Command player volume adj work

 @00:***$   ------ play work

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