Voice sound control switch/touch light 86 wall voice control switch

Voice sound control switch/touch light 86 wall voice control switch

Model No.︰ GRM1

Brand Name︰OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 6 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


Product Description   86 Type  1 Gear Switch

Instruction Manual                  (Speech recognition control and Touch control)  
Speech Sounds Touch Switch    (           Voice control phrases can be customized to the customer    )
Product Overview                 
Smart English speech sounds switch and touch switch used in  L line and N line.,Simple installation,It can control various load type switch,Such as LED lamps,Incandescent lamp,Fluorescent lamp and Tungsten filament lamp.Touch control &speech sounds control are both available .Moreover smart host controlling is also available,The smart host controls four different household appliances through four channels, such as: 1 lamp, 2 fans, 3 sockets, 4 televisions ( touch control and voice control),So turn on/off the lights conveniently
Product Parameters
Key mode: capacitive touch
Voice control mode: oral English wake-up and oral command switch control
         The product voice wake-up phrase can be customized, and the customer provides standard short English words.
For example: wake-up word: hello mike, spoken command word: open light or Turn on the light
words: off light or Turn off the light
Voltage    100~240v AC
Dimension   86*86*36mm
Material:    Panel:ultra clear tempered glass panel
           Back shell:fire restriction PC+ABS
Load Power:   1~1500W/gang
          (Note:If it is used for LED or energy saving bulb,power load should be less 150w/gang)
Installation Precautions
. Install the switch with electricity off
. Do not install in damp environment
.Do not exceed the maximum load
.Please follow instructions and properly install

Please connect the L-line and N-line
Installation Wiring Diagram
1.Remove the panel with screwdriver
(Please don't install with electricity power on)


Prepare to install wiring
Fire wire connects"L" terminal

3.Fix the switch onto wall
A.Put the switch into switch box in the wall
B.Mount the two side screws
C.Install the glass glass panel (install from up above)
D.Finish installation
E.Turn on electricity,touch after 10 seconds.

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