Museum Exhibition Interactive Video Wall - HD video wall

Museum Exhibition Interactive Video Wall - HD video wall

Model No.︰MPC1055K6

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 70 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

HD Media Player 1080P
Turn on and automatically cycle through all media files in the root directory (including 1080P videos, images, MP3 music) in mixed playback mode.
Press the button to select a subdirectory folder to play (where media files are stored). After playing, the subdirectory files will automatically return to the root directory to continue playing.
On board 6 button interfaces (if more buttons are needed, an additional expansion board needs to be added, with a maximum of 99 buttons) can be connected to 6 illuminated buttons, which can be controlled to turn on and off as the button is selected.
For example, select key 1 to play the video of folder 1, and the light on key 1 will be on. Select key 2, and the light on key 2 will be on. At this point, the light on key 1 will be off.
Supports SD card and USB storage of media files.
DC12V-24V wide voltage input. The working current only needs 200 to 300 milliamperes.
HDMI1080P video output, if connected to a VGA interface, requires an HDMI to VGA conversion board.
Composite video CVB output, headphone audio output.
Digital audio fiber output.
An I/O port for output or input, supporting specific file names to control the high and low levels of I/O, controlling external devices, and connecting human body sensors and infrared sensors to control the playback of media files in the player.
RS232 communication serial port interface, supporting central control to send code to control media file work (please contact sales for code information)
Customer case: Museum interactive video platform, connected to a TV screen and 4 buttons, can achieve dynamic effects of interactive operation of exhibition copy with the audience.

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